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by Kate Enright Today there are an increasing number of channels for consumers to complete purchases. Some take advantage of these and some don’t, but which type consumers make a more significant value increase for the retailer? First of all, let’s take a look at what’s out there. Currently, we have the traditional “brick-and-mortar” high street stores, the old-school brochure ordering systems, ecommerce sites, social media platform integration, in-store online installations, and mobile commerce is exploding with mobile sites and apps becoming increasingly popular for smart shoppers. So what most retailers want to know is; is it worth their while investing in multiple channels? And if they do, will it increase sales and improve loyalty?

Agos’s Multichannel Campaign was a triumph of true multichannel

Accounted for 43% of revenue in 2009

This post is courtesy of Retailer Solutions, Enterprise Ireland's Innovation in Retail Platform. [20th June 2012] Enterprise Ireland welcomed members of the retail community to the Irish Embassy, Londonon Thursday, 14th June 2012 to celebrate the range of exciting technologies coming out of Ireland. Enterprise Ireland...

by Kate Enright “Our fan page has a million Likes”, if you’ve ever heard this and thought, that’s pretty impressive, you’re not alone. We have all come to regard high figures like these as the holy grail of popularity, especially those of us who run social media sites. We are impressed by a page’s fan-base or a brand’s follower numbers or pin stats. But, what does it really mean? Is there more to it than just collecting figures, more than simply rolling up the counter? Or are these numbers a good enough indication of  what to expect as regards custom and loyalty?   Matt Rhodes, Strategy and Planning Director at London-based social media agency, FreshNetworks, thinks that we are missing the point completely and not thinking about what is really important in social media (and for the record, Matt hates that term). I agree completely. Let me fill you in on the back story.

by Kate Enright Augmented reality ads are slowly making their way into mainstream advertising and the minds of creatives industry-wide. More and more brands are now using the technology to engage consumers with both high impact advertising and with hidden digital content. Large organisations are now turning to augmented reality as a means of creating a stir around products online. The value in this is that the impact does not stop at those seeing the installations first hand, but there is an extremely high potential for these eye-catching campaigns to go viral, their digital nature is a huge draw. A good example of this is the recent Absolut Inspire app created by Absolut Vodka, calling for users to digitally overlay their “graffiti” onto public buildings, streets and walls. The ad alone had international viewership all over the web.

The Absolut Inspire ad campaign 2012.