Von Coin - Von Bismark Labs
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Von Coin

About This Project

The idea behind Von Coin is about creating niche members clubs where the entry fee is your effort. The Perks? We get sponsors who want to talk to these members to give them exclusive products the can buy through auctions. The more effort the members put in the more perks they win and the more sponsors get to talk to them.


Why are we doing this? Because people who are passionate about something will be become the longest, loyalist and most trusting customer you can have, if you show them you are as passionate about what they love as they are.


We’ve created a model where customers will chase the brands. Where people are not harassed, tracked and interrupted by adverts when they do the things the love doing. Where brands can know with 100% confidence that they are communicating with the right customer – because we’ve verified that customer’s past efforts with a transparent, blockchain based token that turns a persons time & attention into a trade-able commodity – a Von Coin.


Von Coin is launching in private beta on Xbox One USA in Nov ’18 and we are looking for brands who want to sponsor auctions in 2019 to partner with. If you are interested in creating unique auction experiences and promoting your game or product to thousands of hardcore gamer’s drop us a line.


Welcome to the club.