Von Bismark Labs | Von Coin
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Von Coin

About This Project

At Von Coin we believe that gamers should benefit from the time and passion that they pour into their games. The elite esports stars, the big games publishers, the advertising agencies and platforms get rewarded – but why shouldn’t the gamers get rewarded, after all it is their interest, eyeballs, attention and attitude that these brands and publishers are paying the advertisers for in the first place.


The mission is to build a crypto-community that verifies user’s gaming achievements, pays them for their hard work with Von Coins and gets brands to sponsor them by trading their products for these Von Coins. In the process getting the blockchain verified attention of a hardcore gamer that owns the Von Coin.


We will  give brands and publishers the chance to prove their love for the gaming community, in the form of exclusive and limited-edition products that they sponsor for auction to Von Coin users. In the process these limited editions will create more customer desire for their brand and give them the chance to build a more loyal and more engaged customer.

Von Coin Launches in Private Beta in November ’18. Sign up at www.voncoin.club to participate.